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Barbanera Sangiovese Bianco Sangiovese

Barbanera Sangiovese Bianco Sangiovese

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Barbanera Sangiovese Bianco Sangiovese
Region: Tuscany, Italy

White Sangiovese, yes it does exist!

The mad geniuses at Barbanera produce the White Sangiovese by separating the wine from the skins as soon as the grapes are pressed.

Barbanera Sangiovese Bianco IGT is bright and clear straw yellow in colour. A fresh sour cherry, orange blossom and broom enhance the aromatic complexity of this Sangiovese vinified in white, while hints of quince linger in the background. Rich on the palate and on its minerality, pleasantly fresh, harmonic & slightly savoury, it leads to a distinctly floral mouthfeel.

It’s particularly suitable for white meats in citrus sauce, soft and smoked cheeses and light white sauces-based pasta dishes.